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  • Unlimited Marketing Services Corp. is a BBB Accredited Marketing Consultant in Chicago, IL

Who we are

Shaped by our city and the people of Chicago, Unlimited Marketing Services offers clients an unmatched outsourced marketing experience.

We come from all backgrounds, with a common purpose of business development and increased revenue for the brands we represent. Our team leads the marketing industry as a fast paced, cutting edge direct marketing group; providing a full array of tailored services to our clients and taking their business to the next level.

At Unlimited Marketing Services we always turn up the volume with a consistent, goal driven leadership team, creating powerful synergy between traditional sales and the changing economic landscape. We have earned the trust of the brands we represent through our reputation of service; bringing products directly to the customer.


With a focus on productivity and positivity, it is the mission of Unlimited Marketing Services to provide a customer and client experience that always exceeds expectations. We strive to be the best, and each time we accomplish this, we raise the bar in the industry.


At Unlimited Marketing Services we believe in the building blocks of growth. Our vision as a team is to make our clients’ thrive in any environment. We make the impossible possible. More importantly, we strive to provide guidance and structures that empower all who work with us. We are committed that every person gets to see the bigger picture for all aspects of life and tailor their business and career to fulfill any standard or definition of success.


Our Philosophy is grounded in leadership inspired by the surety of purpose- driven action. Our programs are directed towards creating Solution Providers who are able to adapt to any task at hand. We equip our teams with the necessary tools that will guarantee them every opportunity of success. We believe that there are limitless opportunities, all of which can be acquired through dedication to our craft and sound ethical conduct. The success of our company lies in the success of its people.

Our Story


Unlimited Marketing Services works with a network of professionals who have over 20 years of experience in business and consumer marketing.


UMS supports national marketing campaigns for multiple Fortune 500 companies knowing that innovative strategies are now a vital element to producing the growth businesses want.


The market is not the same as it once was. However, Unlimited Marketing Services’ network has been successful at expanding over 100 business locations nationwide. We are experts at adapting into any environment that our client’s target market leads us with speed and efficiency.


Our primary value is a premier customer experience. We offer a tailored approach to engaging new customers.


Despite any challenges that come along the way, we believe in leadership and providing limitless opportunities for both our teams and our clients.


In in addition to providing an excellent customer service experience, Unlimited Marketing Services ensures that all contracts and procedures abides by all policies andb requirements established by local and national authorities.

Our Services

Business to Business

Unlimited Marketing Services provides solutions with an edge above the many competitors in the Sales Industry. By providing solutions that deliver increased efficiency, lower expenses and maximized profits, our management deliver quality solution strategies. Whether our Client’s business is large, mid-sized or small, we take the time to build rapport and a trusting partnership by listening to needs, developing action plans, and analyzing data on performance productivity over time.

Event Marketing

Unlimited Marketing Services offers informative literature and presentation strategies to best explain product highlights and benefits. As a company, we are meticulous and thoroughly learn the workings of our Client’s business to best train personnel, thus ensuring clean communication and impactful customer relations.


Unlimited Marketing Services is committed to the comfort and satisfaction of our Client’s customers. We save the customer’s time by providing customized and direct service. Instead of spending time on the phone, online, or searching stores for personal assistance, our personnel brings products and information directly to both prospective and current customers.


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Our Clients

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Meet Our Team

Hector Marun

Hector Marun


The Success of Unlimited Marketing Services as a national Advertising and Consulting firm is attributed to the expertise and dedication of its CEO Mr. Hector M. Marun. With over 20 years of experience in the Marketing and Leadership Development industry, he can attest that perseverance, positive attitude and ethical conduct are the key elements to achieving entrepreneurial goals. Read more »

Throughout his career, Hector has dedicated himself to empowering others. In addition to forwarding contracts, he has ensured that Unlimited Marketing Services dedicate a large portion of its influence and resources to form well rounded leaders. Through specialized programs focused on Leadership Development, personnel receive the training and tools that allow them to attain both their personal entrepreneurial goals.

As CEO of UMS Mr. Marun oversees Corporate Operations and Portfolio Research, manages Inter-Organizational Relations and mentors select individuals for higher level Supervisory positions. Outside of his work through Unlimited Marketing Services, he is also part of three additional successful business. When not occupied with work, Hector enjoys cooking and traveling.

Hector Marun

Anahi Gasse

Executive Director of Operations

Ms. Gasse began her career as a freelance Business Consultant, working closely with entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. While in this capacity she collaborated in business growth and project development by providing assistance in strategic planning, organizational management, bilingual services, and event coordination. As EDO of Unlimited Marketing Services, Anahí’s chief accountabilities are in sourcing and statistics. In addition, her duties include but are not limited to: maintaining fluid internal and external communications, streamlining infrastructure systems for general processing and business development, coordinating training and onboarding proceedings, implementing protocol compliance to industry and client standards, and providing logistical support for programming initiatives. Read more »

Erik Rivera

Hector Marun Sr.

Chief Human Resources Officer

As Director of Human Services, Mr. Hector Marun Senior is dedicated to qualifying entrepreneurial minded candidates, and oversees the process of orientation and integration. Prior to working at UMS, Mr. Marun was a Director of Personnel for supply import and export businesses. His expertise in management has helped UMS implement effective disciplinary action measures and personnel transitions into the Unlimited Marketing Services’ culture. For this, Hector assists with ongoing in-house training initiatives in the areas of management, strategic planning, professional development, and ethics, amongst others. He ensures that customers and personnel receive consistent, high quality service and tools that best serve the needs at hand. Read more »


Business Growth

A Company that offers a stable and positive atmosphere. We inspire growth, motivation and teamwork. If you wish to thrive in life and enjoy a fulfilling dynamic career rather than a job, then look no further. We are in the business of building leaders and entrepreneurs.

Customer Service

UMS’ network has offices across the nation that provide our clients with successful marketing agendas, regardless of what their target market may be. We take pride in molding qualified individuals into talented and successful coaches and professionals.


A Company that offers a stable and positive atmosphere. We inspire growth, motivation and teamwork. If you wish to thrive in life and enjoy a fulfilling dynamic career rather than a job, then look no further. We are in the business of building leaders and entrepreneurs.

Join the Winning Team

Working at Unlimited Marketing Services is not just about clocking in and clocking out. When motivated young professionals look for careers, they look for organizations that will help them achieve their professional goals, but they also look one that can change lives.

Our marketing management team is dedicated to building leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit.

It is no secret that our success and reputation with our clients was built by our people; and we will continue to support them by creating a positive environment, providing individualized coaching, and a commitment to excellence.


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